Monday, February 20, 2012

Sandbar Philosophy

A three-day weekend. Usually means I am in the car. On the road. To some far-off unexplored place. Looking to fill up some spot in my brain that is devoid of information. Geography on the fly. That's the full life. In my mind anyway.

This weekend I was lazy. Just another trip to the Outer Banks. Where I can hide in a cottage by the sea. On a sandbar forty miles out in the ocean. Some parts of the drive you can see water on both sides.

Repose from Virginia Beach. Where the cars exceed 50mph regularly on city streets. Hang on to your wheel, or you're gone. Coming here is like camping in the mountains. Only different.

The beauty of exploring parts of the world. The nomadic life.

Nearly two-thirds way done with my maternity leave coverage job. Reaching out to contacts. Finding prospects in Virginia Beach. Searching for part-time. Flexible. Where I'm needed and free at the same time. Not so different from the type of relationship I seek. It's a general life theme.

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