Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ghent, a Portland-y neighborhood of Norfolk

 [I found an indoor semi-farmers market today, which had fresh-roasted local coffee, second-hand cheap books, produce, fish, a cafe and other assorted goodies: Five Points Farmer's Market]
 [Scenic Wonders of America was published in 1973.]
[In the bookshop, paying was by the honor system.]

[Cafe Stella]
 [I spent hours reading, sipping coffee, and snapping photos of patrons. They sometimes have live music here and I was asking the owner about it when I was about to leave. After a lovely chat, he asked if I had tried the Paczki (Polish Donut) and I said no, so he took one out and gave it to me.]
 [Finally after two hours, a black lady arrived and an Indian man. 
But otherwise it was pretty damn white in there.]

 [This guy was some sort of professor and complaining about the Dim Sum options in Virginia Beach.]

 [And then I saw a chandelier floating in the sky.]

[Moving a few blocks away to meet up with a friend.]
 [The Birch Bar, which has a ton of brews on tap, as well as bottled beers.]
 [It did not taste coconut-y.]


I have some big ideas in the works which if they come to fruition will be amazing, but they are to sit under the covers for now. I have to contemplate and be patient and let the road lay itself out in front of me. No jumping ahead before the asphalt's down...

Hampton Roads (the collective name for Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton) is starting to grow on me more and more over time. Wandering through art & thrift stores, meeting nice locals, I find the area full of decent people and surprisingly enough to do. It's all accessible, and traffic is not bad. I wonder should I stay or should I go.

So with five weeks left of employment, I have some options coming to the surface, and ideas for the future. I plan to stay out East, regardless, but will have to figure on location. I've been asking around for suggestions, and if anyone has opinions, feel free to offer up your advice!  

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