Saturday, April 2, 2011

Road Trip #2: Berchtesgaden and environs: The Alps.

Ok, this is documentation of a German Stau. Yes. People start getting out of their cars to chat with strangers. It was on my way home from work in Katterbach on Thursday but I had to share it. Now begins the roadtrip to Berchtesgaden, a little German town in the Alps, on the Austrian border. A perfect weather weekend, all around. This IS Germany. Not America. I know. Shocking. Bad Reichenhall, a little town just outside of Berchtesgaden. Super cute, and clean. I love aqua. Even just drains. Berchtesgaden.

Making wishes in the church. For happiness and peace mostly.

It was so quiet. I was the only one in there. They had nice music playing so I stayed a while and wrote in my journal.

In Germany they love Easter Trees. I might put one up next year in their honor.

In my pension, whic was 15E a night, including Fruhstuck. A totally amazing couple--- so sweet. The Frau had been born in the house and her sister still lived in town. We were able to talk a little about life and what's important (auf Deutsch) and it's funny how my German is coming along just as I am to leave.

View from my balcony.


In the morning, reflected in the door window.

I was quite enamored with my pension.

I am really going to miss Germany. It is part of my heart.

The Easter treee in my pension.

Signs of spring abound. It makes me happy to be alive too.

I am very happy hiking in the Alps. Near Ramsau. On Der Hintersee.

It was about a 3 hour hike. Pretty steep, but I loved it. My legs are bhappy. They like to work.

I got to the top and there were two 60ish year old ladies changing their shirts in front everyone. In their bras. I like that they have strange modesty levels here.

Sometimes it was really hard to see the "trail" but I did not get lost. My cell phone was dead so it would have been no use, but I figured you just go down, right?

My Frau urged me to go to Salzburg, so I did. It was my 3rd visit. I have not liked it yet. I don't think I will go back. But. No worries. Some places just aren't for everyone. But I like this sign. If I had my own shop, I would copy them.

Everything was under construction. And there were HOARDS of tourists.

I peed behind some trees here, in desperation.. I could not find a toilet.

Asian tourists always have huge cameras.

And this is why I don't watch TV.

I would likek to translate this when I have time.

Konigsee is uber-commercial. Sad.

But I liked these buildings.

Look, what is that? Not Natural. Luge tourist entertainment.

And so through the dark woods I walked home, happy, tired, feeling full of life and hope and wonder. And thankful for the experiences I've been given.


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