Wednesday, April 27, 2011

German Road Safety

So here is something unshocking about the Germans: they require you to have all this emergency-preparedness stuff in order to register your car here. It is illegal to drive without a first aid kit, emergency triangle, and safety vest. If you have an accident or a problem, you must put the emergency triangle behind your car (there is a regulated distance but I cannot remember) and you must don the vest and stand on the other side of the safety divider.

I was telling Joon about all this, and how I have never been able to catch a photo of it while driving, and we were lucky enough to encounter some real live actual Germans doing the said safety activities... So I have posted the photos for your enjoyment.

By the way, a secondary is that often I see groups of Germans standing on overpasses watching the cars drive by on the autobahn. I can't help but think they are giving themselves lung cancer, breathing in all those fumes, but it's pretty damn entertaining watching the crazy people drive on the autobahn. (Sadly, this guy is alone. Usually it's a whole family hanging over the rail soaking up the carbon monoxide.)

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