Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Colmar, France: a little direction from the universe

Colmar, France. I decided to go there after getting the email notification that my job was finished. I just felt the need to drive. And drive. So I drove to France. What a delightful little town, and what a wonder that the first thing I saw upon entering was the Statue of Liberty. Apparently the artist who designed it was born here. I checked into a hostel and spent the evening wandering the streets.

I love these trees. And the Aqua everywhere.

Everwhere there were Asian restaurants, of all sorts. More than I've ever seen in Europe.

And a street named after Molly (and Berthe).

The first thing I saw when the guy handed me the Colmar map was "Molly".

This is the coolest tree lighting ever. Someday I will do this myself.

And create a wall of photos with everyone looking blue. In front of my tree.

Another Asian restaurant.

I love odd old found things, like this shoe cleaner.

Everywhere is Sephora.

Waking up in the morning-- the hostel in Colmar. Super clean and friendly and 14E a night.

It is hard to know what to do when your life just suddenly goes up in the air, but with my trip to Colmar, I couldn't help but feel the fingers were pointing home. I am still in the midst of discovering my options and deciding what will happen, but sometimes you have to follow the call of the universe. And I think this opening is leading me home.

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Dee J. said...

"Take me home to Aunt Em" says Dorothy, as she is lifted into the air. (The Wizard of Oz) - fits with your last statement:)