Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ode To Lily

Three days in Iowa City with Molly, Josh and Lily... a delight! Molly's doing a great job raising Lily. It was super fun being an auntie for a few days. Funny: Lily has a picture book of all of her relatives, and when I arrived called out, "Caw-wie!". We'd straighten her out, but I was about half Carrie and half Sara for the visit, which was fine with me. Lily got two for the price of one-- both her aunties! Also entertaining was teaching Lily the muscle man pose, the YMCA, and how to shake hands and say, "Nice to meet you." Though it came out "Nice ju jeet ju," it was still adorable. Molly didn't want me to teach her "dummkopf," even though I tried. "Kopf" was just too hard even for my supersmart niece. Lily took a liking to the hippie magazine we brought home from the co-op, so I am hopeful that she will grow up and turn out like me. I forsee... No hairbrushes! No make-up! And trips to India in her future... it is all good.


Ross said...

I know you had such a great visit and I must say I fully agree with your perception of Lily: cute as a button, smart as a supergenius and would make a great hippie tagalong for you!

Dee J. said...

oops - that was not really Ross - not sure why it came up that way - maybe he is taking over my computer!!