Monday, February 7, 2011

It's getting more mainstream.

"Progress not perfection," states Kathy Freston in a Vanity Fair interview this month regarding transitioning away from animal products. She changed from a southern fried-chicken girl, to a vegan. She recalled, "Once I missed a tunafish sandwich with mayo on toasted wheat bread more than anything. Six months after I went vegan, I snuck into a deli and took one home. And, of course it wasn't nearly as good as I fantasized. It tasted well, fishy." I've had similar experiences.

Vegan was formerly a dirty word, bringing to mind extreme outliers who eschewed all animal products, but lately, I've seen it popping up in more and more places. It's slowing seeping into society as a practical way to honor life. I am not personally strict vegan, but I am mostly vegan, and if I can chose for not harming animals, that is the choice I try to make. The author sums it up at the end by saying, "It seems to me now that the case for eating meat is about as convincing as the old arguments in favor of smoking." He stopped eating meat after the interview and reading The China Study.

Full article: The Vegan Monologues by John Heilpern
The China Study

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