Friday, February 18, 2011

Age-related focus dysfunction

How is this better than presbyopia? Someone decided that presbyopia was too difficult for people to say, spell, understand, and whatnot, and decided that they should rename it, dumb it down. Now would you rather say that you have Age-Related Focus Dysfunction or Presbyopia? I am going with presbyopia. Coming from an eye doctor with ten years under her belt, you should heed this. Learn presbyopia. Stand up with me against age-related focus dysfunction.
Presbyopia (prez-bee-ope-ee-u): The loss of focusing ability of the eyes that comes with age. Due to loss of lens flexibility and/or loss of zonular function (the strings that attach to the side of the lens which pull on it to change the shape of the lens, thereby changing focus). Starts around age 40, and changes regularly (worsens) until about age 55. Why everyone has to get reading glasses, unless they die first. Which seems like an extreme measure to avoid reading glasses aka "cheaters."

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