Thursday, December 9, 2010

What happens in winter in Germany

Fun Story:
You head for the Amsterdam airport at about 4pm to catch your 7pm flight, even though it's a bit early. Oh well. Once at the airport, you wait. The plane leaves late for München, where you have the connecting flight to Nürnberg. You wonder if you'll make the connection but tell yourself worrying does no good. You booked your flight to Nürnberg because it's approx 40 minute drive to your house, or one hour, depending.

You're know you're going to be quite late, and you may have missed your connection, but the pilot announces that finally you've been cleared for landing in München. The planes starts its descent. You see lights. You are happy.

The lights disappear. You wonder what is happening. A while later, the pilot announces, "München has closed its two runways. They're too slippery. The air traffic controllers have found another airport to land in, one that is nearby and at least it is in Germany." Scheiß, you think. You know it's bad when the pilot thinks it's great that they managed to land the plane in the correct country. Only in Europe...

Three and a half hours after the flight left, you land in Stuttgart. The flight was supposed to be 70 minutes. The pilot announces, "No one wanted this and we are very sorry, but we have safely landed in Stuttgart."

Photo Documentation of the Fun Experience:
The line at the airport to reschedule. Approx 30 minutes per person and TWO Lufthansa employees assisting everyone. Fortunately you were at the front of the line and already knew a train was your best option.

Stuttgart. From the Movenpick hotel. Isn't it beautiful?

Your look of wonderment at your unplanned visit to Stuttgart Airport.

The happy welcome ducky. It makes you happy.

The Stuttgart Train station.

You got up at 4:45AM after going to bed at 1AM, but you are still happy. No one will stop this smile.

Finally you arrive at your car. You are so happy.

You fall before you even get to your car. Here is your look of shock. You are not smiling anymore. You think this winter shit which showed up while you were on holiday might not be as fun as it looks.

Damn snow.

Driving home. It takes 2 hours. You just focus on keeping your 4 pound car on the road. Telling yourself that you know how to drive in this white shit. And you will get to work. Safely.

Just outside of post, right where you live. Where the roads are smaller.

You finally get to work at 10AM. 18 hours after you left for the airport in Amsterdam. Two hours after you arrive at work, they close the post and you go home. What a journey. You think it is going to be a long winter. And it's only just begun.


Dee J. said...

Hey - looks like Northwestern Minnesota!!!

Sara said...

It reminds me of the last very crappy winter in Minnesota, when the snow blocked our garage for 4 months! Evilness.