Thursday, December 23, 2010

Zug nach Bamberg and other winter fun.

Me watching tourists in Nuremberg, watching the clock.

My balcony. Nearly every day, another 4-6 inches, for a while, at least.

The drive to work. So happy I'm from North Dakota.

For a while we kept having power outages. It was a conundrum how to get my coffee beans ground. (And the car out of the garage.)
What else do you do in the dark but mess around with your camera?
Now, to Bamberg. Which was pretty much like every other German Bavarian town, but still cute.
It was almost too cold to take a picture. Not jealous of the kayakers!

Suppe! The best food in winter. (And no-fail for cooking purposes...)

Merry Christmas Santa Wieners! If I ate meat, I would have one of these!

From the other side...

Crepes at the Weinachtsmarkt even with cinnamon and sugar did not seem especially "German," but maybe that is a good thing.

Waiting for my ride home, watching people...

Young lovers look the same everywhere...

I'm serious.

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Dee J. said...

Your balcony looks like ours here in Minnesota and the suppe and crepes look wonderful - surely you must feel lucky to have a White Christmas!
love, auntie dj