Monday, August 17, 2009

Ecstasy on Wheels.

Now don't be alarmed that I've gone to the dark side. I'm still too much fun without wacking up my system on illegal and unregulated drugs. 

I'm talking about the bicycle. The thing you got when you were five. Well I did anyway. I got it when I was four, but it didn't really count until I was five when I plowed down the dirt hill next to our house in Alexandria without training wheels. From then on, my love affair with the bicycle has been unstoppable. 

Yesterday, I decided to break out the bucks and pay $40 for a new U-lock after finding my old U-lock in my storage but no keys to match. Without the U-lock, it's really tough to get around town on two wheels... especially when you're riding your baby sister's borrowed bike. (Try saying that five times fast.)

The glory was mine as I sped down the streets, on my way to meet a dear friend (Shanta) for coffee. I thought, I love biking! I love biking! I don't think I will ever stop loving biking. Somehow I am usually surprised at this thought when it's been a while since my last ride. One day I will learn who I am am, and not be surprised.

At the coffeeshop today, we saw an older woman (about 80) sitting at the sidewalk table having a coffee by herself and I said, "I hope I'm like that when I'm her age." 

Shanta said, "You'll probably still be riding your bicycle." 

I hadn't even thought of that. I hope I am. I'm not too proud to get one of those tricycle bikes either. I will ride to my last day!

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