Friday, July 24, 2009

Spy on the Wall

That's me. Not a fly. A spy.

I'm drifting from house to house, state to state, quietly spying on my relatives- in broad daylight, on their couches, in their cars, at their friend's houses. Okay, I'm not sure if it counts as spying since everyone can see that I am there and I am watching with my spy eyes.

Since my travels in Asia, I have acquired a new ability to sit peacefully and watch people or just wait patiently to see what happens next. As someone who formerly could not be duct-taped in place for longer than five minutes, this is a truly enjoyable new skill. It's like being a kid again.

I've gotten insight into my relatives' lives, learning about cutting watermelons, daily walks, nursing newborns- I could go on. The opportunities for learning are endless. Deciding what I might implement into my life when I settle down again as I quietly observe has been just as worthy as the months I spent traveling the globe.

Thank you all who have welcomed me into your lives, couches, spare bedrooms, tea parties these last two months. I have truly been inspired in all sorts of ways.


Auntie DJ said...

Since Sara has been with us almost a week now and in reading her blog I decided to look up voyeurism in Merriam-Webster online: "a prying observer who is usually seeking the sordid or the scandalous"
Watch out relatives - your home may hold the next spy on the sofa.
love, auntie dj who is having a delightful time with Sara.

Molly said...

haha Sara, I totally do this whenever I go back home or when I'm traveling. I rarely do this in Portland, although I'm not sure why. Might have to give it a try :) It is VERY entertaining and often the best way to survive certain situations (eg baby showers...) I hope you're having a great time! Enjoy.

Molly said...

You don't even have to actually speak the language to enjoy this either. David and I actually caught some people on a train making fun of an ad we saw on TV while in Japan. Pretty fun!!