Monday, July 27, 2009

Jim, Al, Larry, and Sara ("I'm not makin' this up either")

Scene: In front of a large commercial window sits a camel leather couch across from two olive green velvet chairs. Two small tables stand between the couch and chairs. Outside the sky is grey and trees are half bent over in the wind. Storm appears emminent though hardy Minnesotan Starbucks patrons are sitting outside on the black metal tables and chairs.

Location: Edina, Minnesota. Galleria shopping mall Starbucks. The foo-foo area of town.

Characters: All have thick accents except Sara who is just eavesdropping and scribbling it all into her journal.
Sara: Of the inspired adventurer blog. Blondish female wearing black cotton dress, black sandals, orange fleece and carrying canvas bag with Portland written on the side in green.
Larry: Square-faced, slight, 45ish year old brown-haired man with baggy blue jeans, polo shirt tucked in, belt, wire glasses and solid black geriatric lace-up walking shoes.
Jim: Square-faced, slight, 55ish year old, wavy silver-haired man with khaki chino shorts, polo shirt tucked in, belt, wire glasses and solid white geriatric lace-up walking shoes.
Al: Square-faced, slight, 65ish year old silver-haired man with khaki chinos, polo shirt tucked in, belt, wire glasses and solid white geriatric lace up walking shoes.

[Larry seated to the left of Jim on the leather couch. Sara directly across from Larry with head buried in journal and Travels with Charley book. Al seated in velvet chair to her right.]

Larry: (To Al) I had a couple tips for you and your antifreeze problem. Your pseudoantifreeze problem. I'll save that for later.

(Greetings all around.)

Jim: Say, Larry, I don't mean to offend you or anything, but are you actually singing tonight?

Larry: Ya, sure am.

Jim: Larry. Very impressive.

Larry: Thank you.

Jim: Do you play any Simon & Garfunkel? I have one of their albums. I think it's called Concert in Central Park.

Larry: No, I don't really like that too much. Never did. I like the Doors.

(Mild-mannered debate ensues around the Doors and Simon & Garfunkel. I personally prefer Simon & Garfunkel along with Jim and Al, but keep that to myself even though I'd like to share. I'm enjoying my eavesdropping too much.)

Al: Do you read the New York Times? Maureen Dowd wrote [something] I think your wife would like to read.

Jim: I'm not sure that Leslie would know who Maureen Dowd is. Maybe I'm selling her short though. I have to go now- Leslie'll be wondering where I am.

[Jim stands up to leave.]

Jim: Think I'll stop over at Barnes and Noble for five minutes. Five minutes. Ya.

(Goodbyes all around.)

Larry: Say Al, you can have your engine oil analysed and it will tell you if you have head gasket problems. If antifreeze shows up in your oil, then you have a head gasket problem. That test just costs twenty-two bucks...

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