Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today's Star Tribune (7/23/09) featured an article on Manscaping, the removal of male body hair, something which is becoming more and more common. Studies show no difference in hair removal incidence between the gay and straight male populations. I've experienced this to a degree in many of my past boyfriends (if that is not too old-fashioned of a word). Prickly legs on a man are not a turn on. Even if you think you are some sort of cycling God. I have the same sentiments for prickly chest hair.

This hair removal obsession used to be uniquely the women’s arena and now it's bleeding into the male population. Unsurprisingly, most of this manscaping is being driven by the advertising industry. When there is money to be made, someone will be happy to point out your flaws and show you where to buy the product to fix them.

Is it this the androgynization of the sexes?

What is wrong with men being men? Body hair, five o’clock shadows, deep voices. It means they have testosterone. Which I think is necessary for reproduction, so it would seem that women would find it fine and attractive for a man to be a man. Unless we are talking back hair, then I give you permission to visit your waxer. But if then again, if you don’t care, I don’t care.

Please men, don’t fall into this whole trap that women have with body hair removal. What’s next? Manscara? It’s a slippery slope.

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Anonymous said...

Wont be seeing any massive manscaping on this guy! I'm proud of my "Hoff" and other than the occasional neck fuzz trim (usually thanks to your sister) and the daily shave for work, (otherwise I'd rock a shadow) I'm on the same page.

Glad some women are still out there who don't care if a man looks the same as he was built. To me, body modification of either sex shows insecurity, and is usually a turn off. My two cents ~ D