Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Returning home - Kaiser

How do I say what today was like?

It started with a sunrise the color of orange sherbet. It's ending with dinner at Shanta's.

In between I saw Lourdes and her new addition, Calvin. How strange that one of my very best friends has a baby. It's like she's the same, but different. Kind of like me. We drank cinnamon tea in Carrie's living room and talked about life before she had to zip to the airport to pick up her sister. Calvin was sweet and slept most of the time or made funny faces with his tongue, not even crying when Oatie decided to bark at him.

After seeing Lourdes, I had the urge to go to Kaiser and see my old work friends, so I jumped in my borrowed red 1995 Passport and hauled myself over to work. I snuck up the back stairs and in the back door. Since I've still not mastered the inside voice, it wasn't too long before everyone knew I was there. I got lots of hugs and couldn't stop smiling. Even was a little shaky- it was strange to be there and yet everything seemed just as it was before I left. It's a funny feeling to return. I felt like I was home. For six years, they were my family in Portland.

Questions about my plans- "Are you coming back?" "What's next?" abounded. Not entirely sure myself what is around the next corner, I outlined my life plan rough draft, with the disclosure that nothing is set in stone.

I don't really know what is next. But as long as I am still happy, learning every day and sharing myself with the world, that is enough.

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auntie dj said...

Everyone's life plan is a rough draft! That's life. It sounds like the return to homeland is going well. I continue to enjoy your tales.
love, auntie dj