Saturday, June 20, 2009

PDX and continuing ed fun

Store for special people.

Lulu's adorable sleeping boy.

My cabbie. Kyle.

The abstract Camry.

Nicole, walking the streets of Forest Grove, where I spent 1997 to 2001 in optometry school. You can tell she is from North Dakota too. She walks with purpose.

The Happy Shopper.

The Happy Shopper II.

Pacific Univ uses corn glasses. We are that enviro-advanced.

We were trying to pretend we were at the movies. I don't think we drank enough.

Nicole's self photos. I think this one was particularly nice with Nicole centered with people on either side of her.

She's a hottie. Did I mention she's from Fargo? That explains a lot.

How to lap your wine. In class.

Discreet disgust.

Crazy Fargo people. You saw the movie didn't you?

Abstract happiness.

Dear lord, help ,me.

ET phone us and beam us up!

Action shot.

Poor little Laotian boy. With eyelid infection. Preseptal Cellulitis.

Take us away! Please! How did I ever get through optometry school?

The answer is D. In case you didn't know.

Filling out the survey.

Optometrists learning. Look at the eagerness! The zest for new information! The thrill!

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Anonymous said...

Poor little Laotian boy indeed! - you two are nuts :)
~ shanta