Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14th: I Turned Forty

Every day, I have patients complain to me about getting older. I don't say anything but inside I'm thinking a slew of thoughts that I'd like to let loose. Namely, that there's a lot of people out there who'd love to be living but are no longer with us. Life is living and part of it is getting older, if you're lucky to make it.

So welcome, forty. I take you in with honor for letting me stroll along the corners of this green planet since the bicentennial of the United States. Thank you for blessing me with children late in my life, the double whammy that I could've never dreamed of. Thank you for the grey worry streak in my hair that showed up when I was twenty-four, becoming more dense with each passing year, a gorgeous silver highlight crowning my passing years, undisguised by hairdye.

The crinkles starting at the corner of my eyes- imperfect skin yet bright shining eyes, pools of growing wisdom as my life experience mounts. Thank you for all this. I look forward to more grey and less smooth skin. More living, less perfection. 

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