Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Little Charlies are Two Weeks! (& Check Up)

Yesterday Keith & Lauren turned two weeks old! We were in for their first pediatrician appointment. The advantage of twins is that every appointment is double-booked. Even in pregnancy. So you're never rushed at the doctor. Of course sometimes I would like to be rushed- it seems like every time we walk into the clinic, we are there for 2-3 hours- a long time.

The two of them were checked for height and weight and everything else and passed with flying colors. They were both essentially back to birth weight (Lauren was one ounce short, and Keith was a little over.) Lauren measured 20" and Keith measured 21"- both at the 85th percentile when compared against 40 week babies. They were 39 weeks this Wednesday. Both increased head size- Lauren to 13" and Keith to 14". All excellent for any baby, but especially for 37 week twin babies and a new-to-breastfeeding mom.

As well, they had to retest for some genetic things with a heel prick at yesterday's appointment. Mamma was not too keen on this and felt it was a bit abusive. I knew if they cried, I'd be crying and I really didn't want to have them get pricked and experience pain. We decided to do Keith first since he was milk-drunk and sleeping. I put him on my shoulder and he snuggled into my neck. I kept talking to him while the lab tech pricked his heel and placed 4 dots of blood on the paper card. Next went Lauren, who was wide awake and alert. We knew for sure she'd scream. I decided to try to breastfeed her, talk to her and see how it went. Surprisingly she also made it through the whole thing without a peep. I felt so relieved they didn't seem traumatized. Next time they will have more shots. I declined the Hep B for now, but will get it done over time. They are too little for so much prodding.

We've adjusted pretty well to being home. The last ten days have been somewhat of a blur but in the best way. We've managed to go for three walks, go out for Thai food once, stop at the doctor's office twice and go the the grocery store twice. We had three bad spells where the two of them got off on their sleep. It always happens at about 11PM-midnight-ish. It's been total of seven hours where they got off, which I think is really amazing for ten days, and especially being the little guys that they are. I feel pretty fortunate that these two were the little souls we were entrusted with.

They are both doing amazing at breastfeeding, sleeping and being alert. Both have practiced tummy time, and have spent many hours looking around the house and looking at people. They are both "hand babies" -- meaning-- they are really expressive with their hands. They have never had them balled up into fists since birth really. We try to leave them free so they can move them about. They look like little mimes sometimes! Lauren really likes to touch her brother's face also. She is always reaching for it when they sit next to each other.

This morning they spent about an hour on the bed looking at each other. We'd all spent the morning lounging in bed, which is the best way to start a Saturday.

 Lauren during a bad gas/sleeping night- poor sweet thing, being the tinier of the two has more gas problems
 This was after our toughest night, where I was up with them for about four hours (from 1-5AM). They were cluster feeding, had gas and Keith pooped and peed two outfits! It's okay, they are still sweet.
 Later that night, after they calmed down.
 Lauren likes to hold her ear.
 We just started putting them in sleep sacks and then swaddling over the top of them. Keeps them warmer when we have cooler nights.

They were laying on the bed this morning totally content having some sort of silent conversation. I took a series of photos, so you can see how they interact with each other. And their little expressive hands. They are so sweet, so interesting. We love that they look so different. With twins, I think it's a blessing to have noticeable differences. I hope for them to have their own identity, and not just be "the twins".

Both of them have a ton of hair. She's got about 3/4". 
He has nearly an inch on the back. 
 Lauren looking at Keith
 Keith looking at Lauren
Daddy talking to Lauren & Keith.
Ready to walk to Extracto coffee shop. It was 63 out. 
Miss Lauren.
My sweet babies. 


Fargo said...

Thank you for sharing, beautiful pictures of your two little ones.

Sara said...

You're welcome!

Dee J. said...

What a wonderful life story this is!!! Lots of love flying in from Minnesota:)