Friday, August 28, 2015

One Week Old

The last week was an indescribable experience. Emotionally and physically the greatest feat I've ever accomplished. A tornado of emotions. It was a tunnel that I slid through to get to the other side, where I'd come home with two little babes, the most precious experience of my life, mirroring the experience my little Keith & Lauren took to get here. They missed the birth canal, but they got a different entrance (one of my friend's husbands called it the sunroof.) 

We are so happy to be home!

We arrived home! Tuesday about 5PM. They were quiet the whole car ride. 
 My mom put these in the fridge for us to find when we got home (it's her diet cokes).
 This was a few days ago.

Newborns have hearts in their ears. I just noticed it. Of course I spend an inordinate time staring at them.
 I never get tired of looking at them. I feel so lucky to have my little babies.
 Baby monitors are the best; you can spy anytime.
 6 days post delivery. I am wearing a belly band though. It helps w support and to bring everthing together. I was 178.5 at delivery. 149 in this photo. I have to be careful to eat enough- breastfeeding twins has a high caloric demand. Feet swelling magically went away the night of day 5. 

 Introducing Oatie to the twins. He was a little wary. Then got brave and was going to go up and possibly lick Lauren. But Carrie said something to him and he got scared off. 
 This afternoon
 I can't believe how neat these two are. So sweet and interesting. 
Flowers for Mommy from a friend
One week old today! 

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