Wednesday, April 8, 2015

18 Weeks Today Short Update

In five days we have our next ultrasound and OB appointment. I've amassed a plethora of questions for the OB, gathered through contact with friends and the forces of the internet. I found an awesome closed group on Facebook called "Birthing Multiples Naturally" which is full of great information, goodwill, photos, and positive stories. Even when things go not as planned, the outcomes are still healthy babies. It's an inspiration with moms from all over the world.

The genders should be known to us soon if A&B are agreeable at the next appointment, but we're not going to be spreading the word until we are back to see our families around the 3rd of May. As well this next ultrasound is the really intense one where they look for any anatomical irregularities. It will be nice to have that appointment done.


With all the research I've done, I'm feeling more hopeful for a non-medicated birth if things are situated okay with Baby A and Baby B. We will just have to go along and see how things go.

As of today:

Weight Gain: 11 lbs
Activities: Yoga, Biking, Walking, Hiking
Food: Vegetarian plus fish for the babes and prenatals
Mood: Relaxed and healthy, though I can tell I'm starting to walk differently
Clothes: Some still fit. The pants are getting a little more tricky. Ordered maternity clothes and regular fold down yoga pants for the coming weeks.

Onward and upward!! :) 


Dee J. said...

Did you mean "onward, upward and OUTWARD???? - like out in front:)

Sara said...

Ha ha. Good point.

I think yoga pants are gonna be my best friend. I have maternity shirts on order too. From the gap and old navy.