Tuesday, December 9, 2014


For months now I've had little to write about. It seems I write when my life is in turmoil, or I'm exploring a new direction. Instead, we've established a simple life here in Portland.

Work is fulfilling enough.

Our relationship is a quiet place.

Nights I roll into the driveway, light seeping from the windows welcoming me home. Charlie's inside. Maybe cooking. Maybe working. Bailey always hops up and lumbers over to whichever door I approach, tail wagging. Basic foods for dinner. Relaxing on the couch. Curling under the covers. And repeat.

Simple, satisfying, comfortable.

For Justin's fortieth, we hopped a plane for a two week trip to the Southwest. Both of us mostly unfamiliar with the area, it was a reminder of the surprises our country has hidden. So many unknown places and faces. Days traversing the desert, scrambling over rocks, conversations with strangers, newspapers from the reservation. A memory created and a song to keep searching for those places of new adventure where my soul is tugged and eyes opened to this journey we're on.

As the year is drawing to a close, I'm thankful for the peace that has come into our lives. And all the special people and places who are part of my family in this world.

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