Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas & New Year's Vacation, Portland Style, featuring Carrie, Drazen, Matt, Judy, Sara & Justin

Tofurky was so popular at Thanksgiving, we decided to welcome it for round two, as our Christmas Eve centerpiece. It turned out a little better last time around but everyone left with full bellies anyway.
Carrie and Drazen came over all the way from Northeast Portland!  
 Justin posing with Oatie the black-nosed reindeer.
 Bailey as the larger, more furry, reddish reindeer.
 Oatie take two. We doctored up some bells to make his day more merry. I'm not sure he appreciated it.
 We inadvertently dressed as twins, which was pretty cool. Nothing wrong with twin sisters even in your thirties! 
 Bailey was looking for some food hidden in the boxes. There was chocolate for sure, but he didn't get that. Well truthfully here he was trying to open his own present. I've seen him do this in years past quite quickly but this year, age was catching up and we had to help him.
 One of the people in Portland who has extra money to burn at Christmas (on NE 28th Ave near Sandy). 
 Justin as the "Christmas Light Chauffeur".
 Judy and Matt in the backseat, in Christmas Light Ecstasy.
 It's a selfie of the photodocumentor.
 Vegan food at Canteen, an amazing place at SE 28th and Stark
A secret picture of Matt.

 Matt took this of me being normal again.
 The lights at Canteen.
 The pretty lady behind the counter.
Our tasty raw maple pecan cheezecake. 
 And to All a Good Night! 
 Peacock Lane. A street in Portland which has been lit up since the 1930s.

 New Year's Even at the Portland Symphony. Ode to Joy! 
 At the end of the night, they sang Auld Lang Syne and dropped balloons.
My Charlie. 
 With an awesome Thunderbird!

And to all a good night and HAPPY 2014!!!!!

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