Friday, October 4, 2013

REvisiting Seattle

Backpedalling to Seattle. We were up there for Bumbershoot, which is an arts and music festival in the Seattle Center area, near the space needle. It was the third time I've attended (all with Carrie) and it's been sort of dwindling away into an event which I would skip from now on. I think it's become more mainstream and probably oriented to families and people from the suburbs and it's less about art and ideas and installations than it used to be. They totally dropped the "words" area, which is of course, books and writing. In other words, it's just another festival like all the others. Oh well. 

I still like to visit Seattle. But I'm not moving there. It's too big for me. :)

Elliot Bay Bookstore in Capitol Hill area
Next door, a shop where I could not even afford to look!

Bumbershoot--- poster area
Vegan food
Alt-J in the Seattle Center
Recycled art. Pretty cool.
Strings being blown onto a ladder.
We had good weather.
Here starts the EMP building obsession. (Experience Music Project Museum)

Ewwww!! Did not try.
Justin Townes Earle. Awesome.
Goodbye and goodnight!

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