Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oatie the Buddha

You can learn a lot about living by hanging out with animals. Dogs in particular are quite inspirational. A few weeks ago I took Oatie on a camping trip to the gorge. It was to get away and clear my mind, but I found myself watching him as he snorted in the fresh air, wandered along beside me, and snuggled up in the mummy bag. He was just happy to enjoy the trees and the day, whatever we happened to be doing. I thought about it a lot after getting back, just being happy where you, whatever you're doing, not thinking about getting to the next place or feeling nervous about what might be or what is... living in the moment - it's all we've got.

He watches the campfire.
He sleeps in mummy bags. 
 He likes camping and the woods.
He looks good in orange & blue.
At the historic hotel in Hood River. He goes along with whatever we do, nary a complaint except every once in a while. 
Wiped out after a day of hiking and traveling.

 He's too short but that doesn't stop him from seeing what he wants to see. 
 Every day, he stretches. This was on the beach while I was swimming.

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