Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hiking Ecola State Park & Free Vibrators in Portland!

Last weekend, I took off for the Oregon Coast with Oatie and our friend Matt. Originally the plan had been solo camping but Matt was in town from Seattle and I was lucky enough to have his company for a day. We arrived at Ecola State Park where we did a five mile hike, then had dinner and headed up to Astoria for the evening. 

Oatie the Hiker, Ecola State Park


 These ladies were in the coffee shop, and so nice. 

He was scared to have his picture taken.

Eagle Sanctuary on the way home. 

Science-pub night at the Baghdad Theater on Hawthorne 

What is this? Why it's free vibrators! I would say, only in Portland, but since it's Trojan, I think it's probably everywhere. 

 I sat and people watched. The goodies were in the purple bags.
The man nearest was a creeper and asked if I had a boyfriend. The guy with the hat on was nice, recently moved to PDX from Alaska.  
 Biking home.
 My favorite bridge, the Steel Bridge.
Oatie guarding Justin's place

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