Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday that feels like Sunday

"Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy." - John Denver

The clock is ticking. A breeze outside rustling the trees. The whirr of a distant lawnmower. Oatie curled up in the sun at the end of the couch. Sitting crooked, staring at my computer, catching up on things, wondering what direction we're headed. A fly buzzing. A drink of cool filtered water from the fridge. (Again I'm trying to wean myself from fizzy water- too environmentally unfriendly and waste of money.)

I spent the morning/afternoon washing my car by hand. Scrubbing off grime that's been there since I lived in North Carolina. Buffing out scratches and a black mark from my bike tire rubbing the back bumper. Every time I loaded the trunk, I saw the damage I caused with bikes. Now it's basically gone. Handy how rubbing compound cleans up an oversight on a bike trunk-rack installation. After the wash and buff, I waxed the car. By hand. In the shade of the garage. It was still too hot and the buffing out the wax part was a lot of work. No wonder I've not waxed since Germany. It's hard! But the car is shiny and bright and happy now. And feels loved.

Back in high school I'd wash and wax my 1987 Buick Century Limited. And clean the inside, even taking off the door panels to get all the grime away. I was a little more anal and exertional then, in a different way. But the fondness for my car is still there. The Mini and the Buick are in the same category: Beloved Car.

I listen to the planes overhead and think about my family scattered.

Here at the table in the kitchen, Carrie and I talked about Kayleen. She told her friends at lunch today about Kayleen and they all cried. I called my mom and we talked about Kayleen. I can't stop thinking about her and worrying. Kayleen makes me thankful to have time with my sister. Thankful for my sisters. And thankful for my life.

Tomorrow's Saturday and I'll probably bike to work. I've been crazy bike lady lately. Partly by choice and partly by virtue of us having only one car. I've tried different ways to get to work, and decided a busy road with a dedicated bike lane beats a regular road without. (Especially when driving home into a low-lying sun.)

It's been a good Sundayish-Friday and I'm looking forward to the real weekend.

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