Sunday, February 3, 2013

PDX Therapy

It's an old friend, this town. I meander the streets, mostly backroads, to places new and old, feeling my way and searching at the same time.

I came here to unwind. To quiet. To think. To plan. To dream. To let myself be. To see where I might go. To see where I have been.

It's been exciting and tumultuous to re-enter this town.

Old friends abound. I'm filled up with love and energy and strength and intellect and activities.

I feel full and alive and real.

I wonder which way I should go.

I try to calm down. And sit back and think logically.

I am logical. But emotions can take over. Swinging like a pendulum. Which way is up? Which way is forward?

In a frenzy, I quiet myself. Locking myself to a table. Writing in my journal. Forcing myself to stop. To slow. To write. To process.

I must not jump from lily pad to lily pad in this pond of life.

I must slow down and make conscious decisions.

Which way to go?

[Link to Portland photos here.]

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