Thursday, October 18, 2012

I went to work in Virginia Beach so the boys painted our house

I started working on the outside of our house but ended up getting a fill-in job in Virginia Beach for the month of October so I hung up my painter suit and wasn't sure how we were going to get it all done. I've painted several houses and was really excited to work on this one... ours together! Shortly after I headed north, Justin talked his brother and our neighbor Dave (a fun character) to come over and help get the place in order. All three of them have been working their pants off for at least two weeks. Here are some of the updates:

Backyard construction zone. Well, cleaning up stuff anyway. This is a little old but it's cute.
This here photo is to show you the nasty green that we were getting rid of. There were actually THREE different shades of equally hideous green on the trim of the house. (We postulated they were all "oops" paint- so damn ugly!)

I will tell you the top side of this side of the house did not need any prep-- all the paint had fallen off already. It was previously red.
 Makeshift scaffolding. (Justin says "redneck scaffolding".)
 Crazee Dave (that's how he likes to spell it) in flip flops on said scaffolding!
We painted the porch roof a beautiful olive green. Get away nasty green! This is Dave. He said to Justin, "Every board I paint, I just think, 'I hope Sara likes this'" Oh man they are funny!
 More porch.
So the main color-- just a few shades lighter than my mini cooper. Also matches our tea kettle which of course I picked out. However I did not suggest that we paint the house this color, Justin did. But you know that I was in full agreement! It is pretty happy and beautiful. And I think no one will miss seeing our little beach cottage on the side of the back road.

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