Saturday, September 15, 2012


This artist  (Paul Cesewski) was on exhibit at the SF MOMA in 2007 for his cool creation. We need a wheelbarrow-- perhaps this would be an option. I love his chops.
Justin wants to build a wheelbarrow out of salvaged materials. It's sort of a game with us: what can we make from nothing? Yesterday it was business card holders. Justin has been doing graphic design since 1998, employed and now as free-lance. I egged him on a bit to get more official than just word of mouth, and he did it: Cole Creative Studios. He can work for anyone, via the web and phone- it's what allows us to live out here.
Next is an artist from the UK featured on Kickstarter, Robert Montgomery. A company from Berlin is producing book of his works. I love this one, for basic reasons. Last night before bed, Justin asked me when was the last time I had a dream about my dad. I said it was April when we were on our RV trip. So of course last night I had a dream with my dad in it. It was simple. I was trying on a fleece in a store and he showed up suddenly and we were smiling in the mirror at each other, standing side by side. We had the exact same big smile, and couldn't stop smiling. After I woke up I realised in my dream I had left him taller than me. If he were here, I would be the bigger one.
Another of Mr. Montgomery's pieces, which I feel has been something I've been working on over the last few years, or forever maybe. Everything needs to be questioned. Truth cannot be taken for granted.

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