Monday, June 25, 2012

On Traveling, from Africa Solo

"My anxieties lightened as we went along, a sense of relief and surety building throughout the day. I  found myself increasingly happy to be moving south, away from the  crowded coast. The bus cruised along for hours, stopping in the little farming towns and I kept thinking, I am going. Now I am really going. I felt like an adventurer, researcher, and time traveler , all rolled into one. I felt like a diver bouncing high at the edge of a board, ready to fly into some wondrous dive. Having moved beyond my foreseeable plans, I began to feel the thrill of truly exploring."     - from Africa Solo, by Kevin Kertscher.
I remember thinking almost those same thoughts when I was on the back of a pick up truck converted to a bus in rural southern Thailand heading south... And now, the thoughts could be construed to have meaning in my life back in the states. It doesn't matter much what or where I am going, just that I am going... and feeling the thrill of being alive now.

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