Thursday, June 7, 2012


"Is he a farmer?" the man in the RV from Nebraska in the Walmart parking lot asked me. Referring to Justin, with the John Deere hat on his head. "No," I explained, "We just have a John Deere fetish." The Nebraska man grows soybeans and corn, and was returning home from Florida.

On my recent trip back to Iowa, I returned with my John Deere fleece blanket, which is now inside the camper. We've since relocated the camper to the VIP camping section of Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN, about a 13 hour drive from the Outer Banks. Nice people surround us, and I feel lucky to be here with this guy who I met six months ago, never dreaming that I would be at a festival waiting to see Radiohead, whose tour dates I've watched for the last ten years.

On the road again... to Tennessee this time.
 We're not the only ones Bonnaroo Bound...
 Manchester: We're in the mirror.
 I found Justin's creations in the Bonnaroo Guide: Blue ladies pyramid sweatshirt, and campy green tee. Pretty damn cool.

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