Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Searching for dreams + [Raleigh II]

dreams bleed into reality
i will wear my heart on my sleeve
trusting in the universe

[virginia beach ~ 20 march 2012]

Raleigh II

back at cuppa joe, 
a man carries his things in a crate
 inside? outside? 
where is the edge of anything?
 burgers from the olden days 
(no, i didn't have one) 
 at 1am on st. patty's day- 
the 50s never unstylish.
 hipsters come in all ages
 and shoe types 
 waiting for raleigh buses.
 lunching at the north carolina museum of art
 it's hard to breathe when i am so happy
admidst glittery paintings
& lines of light
& cement faces 
& stone men from france
 reflecting in the pool.
 man parts shining,
look up- glowing godlike faces of rodin.
 fuquay varina, nc
where we picked up a dream and a hope
 and some southern tummy fillers.
 back in virginia beach behind my work
 i always appreciate contrasts in life 
 & sometimes find beauty behind bars.

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