Thursday, March 8, 2012

[life motto]

i live for music and art and words.
oh yeah and a good crazy partner 
who wants to rip my panties off. 
the rest is filler.

Roadtripping: Chincoteague Island,VA 

road signs are different here
 cars are different here

 they had coffee for $0.50

 but the pong was $75

on the side of the road where i wondered if i was going to get shot 

driving into chincoteague island 

 these guys were on their way, like me



they were not open... ;( not much was
i find vinyl stores everywhere these days
very old library on the right

Berlin, MD 

 on the porch of the Atlantic Hotel
 Berlin Coffeehouse
Atlantic Hotel, Berlin, MD 

 boardwalk, Ocean City, MD
 since Delaware was only 5 miles away, I decided to visit

heading home, the sky was falling... good thing i like rain 
chesapeake bay bridge 

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