Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nong Khai photos

I still have a hard time when I see these couples. What is a dirty old white guy doing with a pretty young Thai woman? I took this at breakfast today.

Mut Mee Guesthouse (in Nong Khai), where I've been lazing the last 5 days:
It's one of the loveliest, most peaceful spots I've come across in my travels. I also want to copy the simple bathroom when I build my minature home in Montana someday...

Salakaewkoo sculpture park in Nong Khai:

How I spent my days in Khon Kaen (what a fun town!):
(A.k.a. the non-joys of being ill.) After lying on the bed for three days, I decided that I would take a picture so I could remember the good times.

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