Tuesday, April 15, 2014

You can be Happy or Sad. I choose to be Happy.

It was on my grandma Hazel's fridge for as long as I can remember. She wrote in and stuck it up there. I think I need to look at that every day.

I'm sitting inside resting after spending the morning working on the house.

It was not move in ready, and it will not be ready for at least several weeks. I am now aiming for May 15th to move in, but who knows. We go over there and work for several hours and then it seems like we did nothing by the time we leave. It's hard to know what to do. I have to hire quite a few things done, and have gotten several bids on the furnace. I guess the other houses I bought were move-in ready but still needed work. And this one obviously was not, and it needs more work than I expected.

The birds are chirping like mad, and the dogs love the new house, overlooking the park. I guess we'll keep plugging away.

This is the first time I've bought a house that I didn't want to move in the same day... it's an odd experience. But at least we have a house and I have a good job. And life is pretty good.

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