Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back home Oregon

We survived the cross country trip to Oregon. It was long and pretty but a bit rushed since I had to work the day after we got back. Not much to say except that I'm happy to be back. At first I was wondering what I was doing living in Oregon. Maybe it's too far from our family. Maybe we should be living in Iowa? But after we got back I felt happy to be here. When we hit the "Welcome to Oregon" sign, both of us felt pretty happy. Shortly after the sign we started seeing patches of green grass again which was also welcoming and a relief. The air felt moist and balmy in the morning as I drove off to work Friday morning. We went to the coffee shop later in the day and saw all the interesting folks of Portland. I felt at home especially with my Charlie by my side.

Flying into Iowa
 Bike ride to the top of Council Crest in Portland before I left
Still fall in Oregon
 Our front tree
 Puppies at the door
 Portland sunset


Josh and Molly said...

Hey! Our grass is still green;)

Sara said...

Oh it was sooo brown through Wyoming Utah and Idaho! It's all we could see