Tuesday, November 13, 2012

--Traveling back to the OBX--

Reporting from Kitty Hawk Starbucks

While in Hampton Roads this time, I stayed in Norfolk, near Ghent, which is that area that reminds me of Portland. Old houses. Small, tree-lined streets. Local businesses. Thrift stores. Universities. A coffee shop ran by an Eastern European man and his Asian wife. It's strange how much environment makes a difference. It really does.

I'd posted an ad on Craig's List looking for someone who had a spare room for me to rent when I was in town working. The woman who I'm renting from works in Ghent three days a week and spends the rest of her time in Raleigh with her girlfriend and her son. So the house is mostly empty. She told me to keep a key and use her house whenever I wanted. I just leave a little cash in the drawer when I leave. It's delightful. 

I noticed that all the leaves have changed or fell off since my last drive through. Or last time I came through it was in the dark, so that may not be entirely true. The road is still washed out but they are repairing it. 4X4s are allowed go to through. Some of it is still sand. A 37YO highway worker was killed this week fixing the road. He had three kids and a wife. I am sick for them. What price we pay for roads.

For Veteran's day, I climbed aboard the USS Wisconsin to participate in a Hampton Roads Community Band concert honoring our vets. We were graced with clear blue skies, sunshine and 70 degree weather. Two days of sunshine over the weekend in the midst of grey and cold weather. Today we are back to the 50s and dropping.

We're scheduled to return home to the Midwest next week. Hurricane Sandy disrupted our original plans- we were supposed to hop the train today. Instead we are going to hop in the car with the dog in tow. This will allow for extreme flexibility, and we'll be able to come back whenever we want.

So I am a couple hours into my trip, and now have to drive to Stumpy Point to catch the 2-2.5 hour ferry across the sound to Rodanthe, where it's another thirty minutes to drive home, or so. I'm trying to enjoy the trip. Even if it's rote by now. I stopped at for a soy latte, and I'm on my way.

Crappy Android picture of my home away from home

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