Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pictural review of journey and arrival to Virginia


[Somewhere in Illinois or Ohio] It rained most of the way, the sun dampened by overcast grey, which brought me happiness, since I love grey skies, and prefer not to drive in bright sunshine. 

[Charlottesville, VA] I stopped since I was starting to feel droopy and had about three hours remaining on the road. I'd seen a sign for "Historic Downtown" and decided to take my changes. It was full of cute artsy, hippie shops, a food co-op, so I felt right at home. I later found out it was a college town. I seem to have a major affinity for college towns. 

[Virginia Beach] VA Clinic where I'll be flipping dials for three months. It's 
a small satellite clinic from the main VA, which is massive.

After this beautiful sky, swirls of snow came down. None
sticking, of course. It was pretty but I can do without the snow.

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Dee J. said...

Those sunset photos are absolutely lovely! What a lucky one you are to be seeing a new-to-you area of the country. Looking forward to "beach photos". I'm sure you will exhausted after a real job for 4 days:) - oops did I really say that? love, auntie dj