Saturday, November 5, 2011


I finally found excellent coffee and superb company in a coffee shop suitable for a coffee snob like myself, Boxcar Coffee Roasters. I perched at the bar, eavesdropping and writing and reading the New Yorker in caffeine-induced splendor for at least two hours.
The Farmer's Market continues through November 19th. I am impressed at the hardy nature of Boulder residents.
During Farmer's Market days, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art offers free admission. It's small, but offers just enough to beg contemplation without mental overexertion.
My favorite store in town is the Boulder Army Surplus Store. On my second visit (I couldn't help myself), I discovered second-hand German goods, and someone who almost had my name.
Even though this is a very artistic sign, the goods inside the Pearl Street store did not delight my senses. Pearl Street is the main shopping pedestrian drag, and it's rather overrun with shops like this and overpriced restaurants, but I still found it enjoyable, especially with street musicians wafting through the air.


CarrieAnn79 said...

I went to that farmers market....that's when I was having a marathon chat w you via googlechat. I thought they had quite a few interesting things at their market. I bought some cool cards there. :)

Sara said...

Hah I was sitting on the balcony in Lviv when we were having that chat. I traveled all the way to the Ukraine to chat with my baby sis. :)