Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nostalgia in the Rose City

Phantom of the Opera from the grand piano, live for the pleasure of the folks streaming through security and waiting to board their planes. Wifi blankets the air. Quiet hush of people bustling but not rushed. It feels like there's sunlight streaming through the walls and ceilings of windows even though the sky is actually grey. 

Leaving Portland is always hard. She smiles on you to the end, so your heart is wrenching as you walk out the door, tears streaming, wondering if you should have stayed longer, or if you should return. Emotion runs deep in the Northwest, where the multi-hued grey clouds hangs low adding depth to the sky, and the sun glows down imbuing color and contrast to the land. Even airport security was pleasant, with extra friendly folks in line, security and gate agents who were the same, plus efficient. 

So here I sit, wondering what is next again, with so many possibilities on the horizon. 
(Kathie & Genie at Portland International Airport)

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CarrieAnn79 said...

I know how you feel. Everytime I come home I fall in love with Portland, over and over again. You are always welcome here.