Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kathy & Sara test out Chicago's "Fun Pass"

Chicago public transport has a one day (24 hr) "Fun Pass" for only $5.75 each. We each got a pass and quickly headed out to test out the fun!

Riding the Brown Line...
Kathy was a natural. Sara had some trouble with inside voice and maintaining composure while riding. At times the two of them bursting into uncontrollable laughter nearly knocked themselves on the ground with mirth.

One street was bursting with second hand stores. Both Sara and Kathy had trouble breathing they were so excited. But no one fainted. That was a good thing.
In Chicago they pronounce it "day-men" but Sara thinks it should be "da-men," as in German for ladies. She is going to try to teach the Chicagoans the correct pronunciation. But she does not know if this will work since she has heard they are a bit stuck in their ways.
They watched as a wedding photographer destroyed the bride's and bridesmaids' hairdos with their group photos on the 30MPH wind Lake Michigan waterfront. Kathy said, "Weddings make people act like fools." Sara agreed. One bridesmaid's shoes were an inch too big.
Sara was goaded into buying the orange 1970s sweater. But she was secretly happy. She is a child of the 70s after all. Which is demonstrated in this photo.
They went to the top of a building on West Wacker drive. To the 36th floor. And there they discovered the meaning of life. But it is a secret. I am sorry.
Consensus: The "Fun Pass" was indeed fun, and a good value. And despite rumors that Chicago people are assholes, Kathy and Sara found them to be very nice instead. How refreshing. And fun.

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Anonymous said...

It's not a rumor, Chicago is full of assholes.