Thursday, August 12, 2010

A curious idea... slow investing

Seems counterintuitive, at least. But after reading the article in The Sun (June 2010 issue), I was intrigued.
I've always been a ridiculous saver. Probably years of training from my parents, who grew up rather poor on midwestern farms and were genetic spendthrifts. So I save. And then what? What do you do with your money when you don't spend it?
I've read financial planning books and met with advisors, and what I've saved for retirement is probably less than what I put in, as the stock market has not been overly friendly these last eight years. So do I sit with it in a savings account? Do I buy bonds? Do I buy mutual funds? Do I wait for the market to really tank and then buy? Do I care? Jeez. 
Investment apathy. 
It's hard to care about ideas of money when you don't care much about money itself. However, I do care about the freedom money affords. But then, I think I'll always live off very little, regardless of my position or pay. 
So the idea of "Slow Investing," putting money where your conscience dictates, rather than where will reap the fastest rewards piques my interest. It's about investing in what matters, and decreasing the emphasis on getting rich quick.
I'm still researching myself, but if you'd like more info, read here: (it's a little slow to load)
Prophet of Modest Profit: Woody Tasch On How Not To Get Rich Quick, by Thea Sullivan

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